Dealing with Mommy Stress

Mommy Stress isn’t a term you will hear until you become a stressed out Mommy yourself. Not enough credit is given to the workload of a Mommy, especially when there are small children involved. Quite often the contributor to a large proportion of Mommy Stress is the expectations that a Mother puts on herself; we are often our worst critic. It can almost feel like an impossible task to prepare meals, be the perfect Mother and partner, keep a clean house and meet all the social commitments on a daily basis. Contributing to the Mommy Stress is the feeling of lack of achievement. It doesn’t matter how well you changed diapers, kept up with the washing or entertained the little ones, there is the same amount of work to do the very next day, and still the same amount of Mommy Stress.

To combat Mommy Stress there are some simply strategies that we need to put into place. The first one is to be kind to yourself. Many Mommy Stress sufferers are guilty of putting themselves last on the list of things to do and still feel guilty at the end of each day for not being perfect. The easiest way to turn this around is to be kind to yourself. Be kind with your internal dialog; congratulate yourself on your achievements no matter how big or small. Be the first one to praise yourself for the wonderful job you are doing keeping the family functioning. Most importantly make time for yourself. A Mommy who allows herself time each day to pamper, even if it is only for the smallest amount of time, is going to be a much less stressed Mommy. Another great strategy is to make sure you leave the house at least once a day. A walk in the park with the stroller or even just around the block can do wonders for putting things into perspective and reducing your Mommy Stress. Remember the things you used to enjoy before you became a victim of Mommy Stress and schedule at least one of those activities into your week, every week. Breathe. This may sound a little silly at first but without your health how are you going to keep the family running? It is a known fact that when we are stressed we take shallower breaths and this can contribute to the Mommy Stress. So relax and try to take slower deeper breaths, especially when things are becoming overwhelming.

With this age of digital technology and fast communication, don’t forget to pick up the phone and connect with your friends. By all means keep up to date with instant messages and e-mails but a good friendly conversation with one fellow Mommy Stress sufferers, your friends will help to unburden you as you laugh off the week’s worth of diaper disaster stories and meal flops. And just remember, if you are going to laugh about it later, why not laugh now.


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